The Swaffhams Partnership


Priority One - The Quality of Education

Priority Two - Behaviour and Attitudes

To develop a broad and balanced curriculum and continue to improve outcomes particularly focused on vulnerable groups

To embed the Christian ethos of the school through a consistent approach to behaviour and attitudes leading to higher expectations and improved outcomes

The objectives to achieve this:

The objectives to achieve this:

Improve engagement in reading

Review the behaviour policy

Raise standards in phonics by ensuring consistency in teaching

Tighten routines and expectations of pupils around school

Continue to improve standards in writing

Improve attendance by 0.5%

Accelerate progress of vulnerable groups – SEND & PP

Further develop positive attitudes to learning

Ensure the curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge builds on what has been taught before and work towards clearly defined end points and knowledge will be transferred to long term memory

Improve adult subject knowledge in Maths so that they are adequately equipped to enable pupils to understand key concepts

Use assessment to help pupils to embed knowledge and use it fluently, and assist teachers in producing clear next steps for pupils


Priority Three – Personal Development

Priority Four – Leadership & Management

Improve pupils’ skills for learning  and ensure opportunities for spiritual, social and cultural development are evident in all areas of school

Ensure management at all levels is effective and leads to improve pupil outcomes

The objectives to achieve this:

The objectives to achieve this:

Ensure all stakeholders are fully aware of how to keep safe online

Ensure that budget is well spent including the Pupil Premium budget

Improve the relevance and impact of collective worship on pupils’ own lives

Ensure the all aspects of school life are reviewed so that they lead to improved outcomes for pupils and that all adults are ambitious for all pupils

Ensure opportunities for children to become courageous advocates

Ensure all leaders understand their respective roles and perform them in a way that enhances the effectiveness of the school including monitoring and evaluation

Ensure there is wide of range of opportunities to become responsible, independent and resilient citizens

Continue to improve community engagement

Ensure systems and procedures for safeguarding are rigorous

Develop the library so it is a welcoming and multi-purpose space

Ensure succession planning is in place to ensure the school’s sustainability

Priority 5 - Early Years

Ensure children are entering school Reception ready

Improve speech, language and communication

Increase the % of children moving up to Year 1 at age-related expectations in prime areas

Improve adult capacity to support and promote play

Improve gross and fine motor skills