The Swaffhams Partnership


Our Christian values are inherehent in all aspects of daily life from how we encourage the children to behave to what and how we teach. In and around the school you will see and hear things for all stakeholders to embed the Christian values of our school and how they are applicable:

  • Daily acts of collective worship. These include stories from the Bible, songs, prayer and a message about hot this is relevant to all of us in our day to day life.
  • Singing. We learn a wide variety of songs in school including Christian songs. These take the form of praise.
  • Visual reminders of our values - photos depicting values, displays.
  • Whole school prayer station. A dedicated space for prayer and reflection that changed according to the time of year and/or children's needs and interest. All stakeholders have access to this.
  • Class reflection areas.
  • Prayers and Grace. We have created a school prayer and use a special prayer for the Grace in order to thank God for his provision. The children also have opportunity to contribute to prayers in class and worship if they would like to.
  • Weekly visits by our local vicar, Reverend Sue to facilitate whole school worship, Christian club, Governor monitoring, support staff with Christian knowledge and understanding and for pastoral care.
  • Church service for celebrations such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the Leaver’s Service.
  • Dedicated events to explore Christianity such as the Lent Challenge, prayer week and values day.