The Swaffhams Partnership

All staff at both schools work hard to help children feel safe, be happy and make good progress.  We try to make decisions in the best interests of all children.

However, there may be occasions when we get things wrong.  If you would like to help us improve our procedures, or have a concern, we want you to let us know.

The best way of doing this is to contact the class teacher either in person or through a private message on Class Dojo. Alternatively, make an appointment to see your child's teacher after school which can be arranged via the School Office.  If the issue is more general, or you do not feel it has been resolved by the class teacher, please arrange to see Mrs Bartley.

We believe the best way of resolving concerns is through discussion, though there may be times when it would be more appropriate through email. If this is the case then please send an email to the school office who will send it to the correct person and these will usually be responded to within two working days.  If questions or concerns remain then please make an appointment with us to discuss them.

A leaflet for parents on responding to your concerns has been produced by the Local Authority and is below.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the informal stage, you can access the formal complaints procedure.  You can find this in the policies section of our website.  Please note that the formal complaints prodecure cannot normally be accessed unless the Head Teacher has first been given the opportunity to discuss the matter with the complainant, either by telephone, or preferably, in person.

If your child has special educational needs or a disability

If you have concerns about the support the school is providing, please contact your child's teacher in the first instance; they will then refer you to the Head teacher, if they feel it is appropriate.  

Responding to Your Concerns

Complaints Policy and Procedure