The Swaffhams Partnership

What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for academic years until 2020 to provide new, substantial primary school sport funding. This is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to primary school head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

Purpose of funding

Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. This means that the premium should be used to:

   • Develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers.
   • Make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

 For example, we can use our funding to:

   • Provide staff with professional development, mentoring, training and resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively
   • Hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers to enhance or extend current opportunities
   • Introduce new sports, dance or other activities to encourage more pupils to take up sport and physical activities
   • Support and involve the least active children by providing targeted activities, and running or extending school sports and holiday clubs
   • Enter or run more sport competitions
   • Partner with other schools to run sports activities and clubs
   • Increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
   • Encourage pupils to take on leadership or volunteer roles that support sport and physical activity within the school
   • Provide additional swimming provision targeted to pupils not able to meet the swimming requirements of the national curriculum
   • Embed physical activity into the school day through active travel to and from school, active playgrounds and active teaching

How much will we receive?

Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6.

Schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils receive £1,000 per pupil.

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

The total amount Swaffham Prior Primary School will receive is £16,870 for the academic year 2019-2020. This will be paid in two instalments on 31 October 2019 and 30 April 2020.


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